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Troll Control

Sometimes we meet those who are jerks about the fandom and are only there to cause trouble. Well we learned once and for all how to stop them. Warning: contains XXX content involving a Griffox, a Tiger, two dragons, and two foxes.

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[19:55:31] [@HeartOfTheTiger] Hi. I'm not from the lake area. And I'm no friend of furries.
[19:55:48] [@Fox`] ?
[19:55:50] [@Fox`] than....why are you here?
[19:56:07] [@HeartOfTheTiger] Because my name is Washington and I'm a Jehova's Whitness.
[19:56:15] [@Fox`] oooooooook
[19:56:17] [@Spunkler] not this clown again
[19:56:21] • xander_the_blue grouans
[19:56:22] [@Fox`] know him?
[19:56:32] [@Spunkler] he did the same thing last night
[19:56:35] [@HeartOfTheTiger] I'm Bubbles, the dancing homophobe!
[19:56:40] [@Zephyrr] lol
[19:56:42] [@Fox`] if oyu are here to cause trouble, then leave
[19:56:44] [@Zephyrr] he's fun
[19:56:52] [@Fox`] show you have some maturity at least
[19:57:03] [@HeartOfTheTiger] Huhuhuhuh. He said "mature".
[19:57:15] [@Zephyrr] lol
[19:57:23] [@Fox`] I'm sure you know the result if you cuase trouble, so why even bother, in the end it is the same result
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[19:57:59] [@HeartOfTheTiger] Because this way is more entertaining too me.
[19:58:02] [@xander_the_blue] I'm guessing your fursona is...a jackass?
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[19:58:16] [@Fox`] to be safe for now
[19:58:34] [@Spunkler] he was kicked out last time
[19:58:43] [@Fox`] he was?
[19:59:04] [@Foxen] i think it's funny
[19:59:16] [+HeartOfTheTiger] I gotta do something before I crash that furmeet on the 7th. It's gonna be cool because I'm gonna get real drunk and bring some roadkill and a bottle of Ipecac marked "now with civet oil!" and just let the cool stuff happen.
[19:59:28] [@Fox`] well then, I suggest you leave if you wish for trouble, if you wish to be rational and talk normally fine.
[19:59:45] [+HeartOfTheTiger] I'm just trying to kill time before tha 7th
[19:59:46] [@Zephyrr] I think he's funny
[19:59:52] [@Fox`] CSI was stupid, I hope you don;'t think that was right? ^^;;
[19:59:58] [@Spunkler] wow he knows how to spell ipecac, I'm surprised
[20:00:05] [@Fox`] what do you want anyways?
[20:00:19] [+HeartOfTheTiger] I need to kill about 9 more days
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[20:00:52] [@Fox`] why cause trouble? what does it get you?
[20:01:00] [+HeartOfTheTiger] It's fun.
[20:01:18] [@Fox`] it means, you are immature, and lack something
[20:01:34] [+HeartOfTheTiger] pretending to be foxes is fun for freaks... being immature and causing trouble is fun for me
[20:01:34] [@xander_the_blue] it's really sad if you can't think of a better way to spend your time
[20:01:41] [@Fox`] Find something else to entertain you, we are not here to boost your self-image
[20:01:57] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Pff. Then why else do you even exist??
[20:02:30] [@Foxen] i'm sorry, but that made me laugh.
[20:02:32] [@Foxen] XD
[20:02:47] [@Fox`] we exist, for ourselves and our own lives
[20:03:06] [@Fox`] I find it sad, what brought you to all this, what are you lacking in your life that you need to attack us?
[20:03:18] [@Fox`] are you lonely? hurt? why?
[20:03:47] [@Banzai] who cares, just ignore him if you don't want him here...heh
[20:03:50] [@Zephyrr] lol
[20:04:31] [@Fox`] I'm curious
[20:04:34] [@Foxen] you know i never got that
[20:04:37] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Uhh... I dunno. I heard about these animal freaks, and now my friends think its hillarious when I piss them off?
[20:04:52] [@Fox`] Freaks? how why do you think that?
[20:04:58] [@Spunkler] im not angry
[20:05:07] [@Fox`] nor am I
[20:05:08] [@Foxen] "if you ignore it it'll go away" i dont see anyone telling people with AIDS that.
[20:05:29] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Hahahaha! I should find someone with AIDS and say that! That's awsome.
[20:05:35] [@Fox`] I think you are just uninformed
[20:05:39] [@Banzai] that's a differenty situation
[20:05:39] [@Foxen] heh
[20:05:46] [@Banzai] *different
[20:05:48] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Uhh... okay, here's what I'm looking at right now:
[20:05:54] [@Foxen] yea Tiger dude, we're not really a pissoffable bunch
[20:05:58] [+HeartOfTheTiger] People with nicknames like "foxen" and "fox"
[20:06:03] [@Fox`] We are normal people, in as big of way a normal person is
[20:06:05] [@Foxen] try #Foxie.
[20:06:09] [@Foxen] ;D
[20:06:14] [@Zephyrr] lol
[20:06:17] [+HeartOfTheTiger] people typing:
[20:06:23] • HeartOfTheTiger "wags his tail"
[20:06:27] [@Foxen] they cry and complain and blah blah
[20:06:27] [+HeartOfTheTiger] You're freaks.
[20:06:32] [@Banzai] and if this is the foxen from mff that knows were the one that wanted to have a panel just to yell at people so I don't find it surprising that you laugh at what he says :)
[20:07:01] [@Foxen] what's that supposed to mean?
[20:07:05] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Couldn't make it to MFF. I'm kinda 16, and the only con I could ever get to without my parents finding out was AC.
[20:07:14] [@Foxen] ohhh
[20:07:19] [@Foxen] that explains everything
[20:07:19] [+HeartOfTheTiger] I got really drunk and laughed at freaks until Kage grabbed me by the neck and called security.
[20:07:25] [+HeartOfTheTiger] So I ran like hell
[20:08:13] [@Zephyrr] lol
[20:08:29] [+HeartOfTheTiger] It was awsome, there was con security, hotel security, the hotel manager, kage, all chasing me it was great
[20:08:32] [@Zephyrr] I want to have a panel just to yell at people, lol
[20:09:07] [+HeartOfTheTiger] That would be cool. What's a panel?
[20:09:30] [@Fox`] sad...
[20:09:41] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Sad? It was... kickass
[20:09:44] [@Fox`] You know what it means though?
[20:09:49] [+HeartOfTheTiger] I'm a hero to all my friends now
[20:09:54] [+HeartOfTheTiger] a legend, if you will
[20:10:04] [@Spunkler] if your their hero, thats sad
[20:10:05] [@Fox`] You are fighting the erge to be one of us with yourself
[20:10:13] [@Fox`] you want it, but deny it, so it cuases this
[20:10:24] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ....riiiiight...
[20:10:39] [@Fox`] those who fight it the most, always have that urge and denial
[20:10:41] [@Spunkler] ah yes, too scared to admit something so its always on your mind
[20:11:08] [@Fox`] well, come on everyone, let's cuddle the closet fur and show him we're all friendly
[20:11:20] [+HeartOfTheTiger] uh huh... gee, I hope that roadkill on 322's still there on the 7th. It'll be fun chucking that dead raccoon at the raccoon fursuiter
[20:11:42] [@xander_the_blue] yes, if you REALLY were repulsed by it, you'd stay as far away as possible.
[20:11:53] • xander_the_blue snuggles with HeartOfTheTiger
[20:11:59] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<
[20:12:09] • Fox` snugs and hugs
[20:12:17] • Spunkler seconds the motion
[20:12:18] [@Fox`] it's ok, we understand how you trully are inside
[20:12:32] [+HeartOfTheTiger] You freaks...
[20:12:51] • Fox` nuzzles and licks
[20:12:55] [@Fox`] It's ok, you can let it out now
[20:13:03] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Okay... you FREAKS!@
[20:13:11] • xander_the_blue comforts Tiger
[20:13:11] [@Spunkler] better a freak than a freak who can't admit it
[20:13:18] [@xander_the_blue] it's ok, you can tell us!
[20:13:27] [@Spunkler] yeah, we understand
[20:13:28] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<;;;
[20:13:36] [@Fox`] everyone! Furpile on the tiger! Show him our love and that we understand!
[20:13:48] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !
[20:13:53] • Zephyrr piles on tigers?
[20:13:55] • xander_the_blue pounces the Tiger
[20:13:59] • Fox` piles on
[20:14:03] [@Banzai] which kind of furpile? ;)
[20:14:12] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !!
[20:14:34] • Fox` snugs deeply
[20:14:42] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !!!
[20:14:42] • xander_the_blue skritches the Tiger
[20:14:49] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<
[20:14:50] [@Fox`] I dunno, let's show him real love of furs
[20:14:53] • Foxen pets the tiger
[20:14:59] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !!!!
[20:15:09] • Fox` grooms the tiger all over
[20:15:14] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:15:42] [@Fox`] ya know, you're kinda cute ;)
[20:15:50] • Foxen licks up the tigers neck and gropes him
[20:15:50] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<
[20:15:54] • Zephyrr scritches, eh...
[20:16:01] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.>
[20:16:01] • xander_the_blue licks the Tiger's cheek playfully
[20:16:19] • HeartOfTheTiger RUN AWAY!
[20:16:42] [@Spunkler] you can say you hate us, but we love you
[20:16:55] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Cool, I can say I hate you. I HATE YOU!
[20:16:56] • Foxen murrs gently and slips his number down Tiger's pants
[20:17:20] [@Fox`] See we love you a lot!
[20:17:22] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !!!!!!!!
[20:17:36] [+HeartOfTheTiger] you FAGGOT!
[20:17:38] • Fox` strokes gently
[20:17:49] [@Foxen] oh i love it when you talk dirty to me
[20:17:52] [@Spunkler] hey I'm no bundle of sticks
[20:17:53] [@xander_the_blue] yes, and?
[20:18:01] [+HeartOfTheTiger] *shudders*
[20:18:18] • Zephyrr likes cock.
[20:18:22] [@Fox`] Oh! Oh! get the toys! we can make this really fun!
[20:18:27] • xander_the_blue huggles the Tiger closer
[20:18:32] • Foxen gropes Tiger more
[20:18:41] • xander_the_blue breaks out Thor
[20:18:44] [@Foxen] you know what they say about foxes
[20:18:50] [@Foxen] well it's all true
[20:19:04] • Fox` nibbles at the tiger's chest seductivly
[20:19:07] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ? I've never heard anyone say anything about foxes, actually...
[20:19:35] [@Spunkler] not even phrases that end in "like a fox"?
[20:19:36] • Foxen giggles and will have to show you
[20:19:48] [@Fox`] ah, yes...let's show him
[20:19:54] [+HeartOfTheTiger] oh yeah, heard "like a fox"... on the simpsons, I think
[20:19:57] • Zephyrr wants to get a Thor, hee...
[20:20:24] [@Spunkler] "stupider like a fox!"
[20:20:59] [@Spunkler] see you watch the simpsons, your no different than me or anyone else here
[20:21:10] [@Fox`] yeah, you're just like us!
[20:21:15] • Fox` nuzzles happily
[20:21:17] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ...except I'm not a freak.
[20:21:35] • xander_the_blue aknowledges Tiger complaining, but can't help notice the bulge growing in his pants
[20:21:39] [@Fox`] of course not, cuase we are not freaks, so you are not freaks
[20:21:52] [@Fox`] Oh? are we turning you on? *licks
[20:21:52] [@Spunkler] just a cause a fish says its an eagle, it doesnt make it so
[20:22:03] [@xander_the_blue] one of us! one of us!
[20:22:05] • Foxen licks at Tiger's buldge
[20:22:08] [@Foxen] murrrr
[20:22:24] [+HeartOfTheTiger] *cringes*
[20:22:39] [@Foxen] the fact your still here proves you want it
[20:22:48] [+HeartOfTheTiger] it doesn't
[20:22:50] [@Foxen] you want my male fox body
[20:22:53] [@xander_the_blue] a cringe of extacy, no doubt
[20:23:06] [@Foxen] you wanna taste my salty seed
[20:23:10] [@Foxen] mmmmm
[20:23:20] • Foxen licks up Tiger's ear
[20:23:44] • Fox` licks the tiger's face
[20:24:05] [@Spunkler] if you didn't like it, why would you try to bring it upon yourself?
[20:24:31] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Uhh... I'm not, I'm trying to laugh at freaks...
[20:24:41] • xander_the_blue skritches the Tiger's chest
[20:24:52] [@Fox`] you're cute
[20:25:02] [+HeartOfTheTiger] i'm not...
[20:25:07] [@Fox`] You make me wanna yiff you to death ^.^
[20:25:22] [@Foxen] i want him first
[20:25:24] • HeartOfTheTiger pukes
[20:25:31] [@xander_the_blue] I got next!
[20:25:51] [@Banzai] I'll take him after xander
[20:25:53] [@Fox`] Well take him!
[20:26:04] [@Fox`] He wants it, he's still here for it! ^.^
[20:26:05] [@xander_the_blue] don't worry Tiger, it hurts a little at first, but then it's clear sailing afterwards
[20:26:18] [+HeartOfTheTiger] oh holy shit
[20:26:33] • Fox` gets the lube
[20:26:39] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<
[20:27:10] • Foxen pulls down the tigers pants and grabs Fox`s lube and lubs himself up and than Tiger and pushes his hard thick rod into him slowly
[20:27:22] [@Foxen] oh gods yes tiggy
[20:27:22] [+HeartOfTheTiger] damn son of a bitch!
[20:27:29] [@Foxen] so tight
[20:27:32] [@xander_the_blue] the face you're looking for is this X-D
[20:27:45] • Fox` grooms the tigers ears mrrrrrrrrrrrring soflty
[20:27:48] [@Foxen] oh yea, keep squirming that feels good
[20:27:52] [@xander_the_blue] Tiggy sure has a nice ass
[20:28:05] • Fenrix takes pictures.
[20:28:14] • Foxen slowly begins to thrust in and out of Tiger, moaning softly
[20:28:25] • Zephyrr likes pron, hee
[20:28:27] [@Banzai] aww tiggy is only on dial-up over there in New Jersey
[20:28:27] [@xander_the_blue] don't fight it hun, it'll just make it hurt more
[20:28:46] [@Fox`] oh! oh! someone get his front!
[20:29:01] [@Fox`] it cries for a nice suckling
[20:29:06] [@Foxen] New Jersey, ehh? Tiggy wanna get some real foxy love? I'm in Brooklyn.
[20:29:12] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmmmmmm.....
[20:29:26] [@Banzai] mercerville or something
[20:29:39] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Actually I'm 40 miles outside Philly. And in PA
[20:29:41] • Foxen moans loudly and thrusts into the tigher faster and faster, groaning loudly
[20:29:52] • xander_the_blue goes down on Tiger, taking his full Tigerness into his muzzle
[20:30:01] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmmm.....
[20:30:28] • Fox` drags a dildo enticingly over the tiger's mouth
[20:30:37] [@xander_the_blue] *suck* *suck* *suck*
[20:30:41] [+HeartOfTheTiger] goddamnit!
[20:30:56] • Fox` sticks it in when he opens his mouth
[20:31:00] • Foxen uses his back paw to stroke xander's length as he slams into the tight tiger, his balls slapping up against his soft rump
[20:31:27] [@Foxen] oh gods yes...
[20:31:42] [@xander_the_blue] ooooh! mmmmmmmm....Tiger tastes good.....
[20:33:05] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ....
[20:33:08] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<
[20:33:16] • xander_the_blue moans as he tastes the Tiger's salty precum
[20:33:16] [@Spunkler] he's speechless
[20:33:29] [@Banzai] and closing his eyes, he must like it
[20:33:42] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmmm....
[20:33:49] • Foxen slams into the tiger faster, feeling his climax comming on he slams in hard and pulls out a bit before he cums so he doesnt knot the tiger so someone else can have the pleasure and he unloads his seed into the tiger's hot ass, shooting rope after rope of his hot cum into him. he moans loudly and slumps off the tiger and murrs loudly
[20:34:02] [@Fox`] I know what it is!
[20:34:21] [@Foxen] Who's *pantpant* next?
[20:34:27] [@Fox`] we are giving him so much, he's pawing off, we haveta work harder to please him!
[20:34:53] • xander_the_blue pulls his mouth off quickly for a short word...
[20:35:01] [@xander_the_blue] mmm....I'm still happy milkin' the Tiger
[20:35:21] • xander_the_blue goes back down on Tiger, full force
[20:35:42] [+HeartOfTheTiger] !!
[20:36:38] • Fox` licks under the tiger's chin
[20:36:50] [@Fox`] sooo cute, so loving....mrrrr
[20:36:56] [@Foxen] Aww, doesnt anyone else wanna try some nice tiger ass?
[20:36:56] [+HeartOfTheTiger] damnit!
[20:37:11] [@Fox`] Oh! Oh!
[20:37:15] • Fox` hands Foxen a thor
[20:37:24] [@Foxen] no no
[20:37:33] [@Foxen] if noone else wants i wanna go again
[20:37:36] • xander_the_blue starts swallowing, as he feels the full force of the Tiger's load hit the back of his throat as he screams, "dammit!"
[20:37:53] [@Fox`] go right ahead then! unless someone else wants to
[20:37:53] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmmmm.....that's a good Tiger...
[20:38:24] [@xander_the_blue] y'know, Tiger, it still feels good after you've blown your who's next?
[20:38:36] • Foxen kisses xander to taste some off his tounge
[20:38:54] [@xander_the_blue] mmmm, tastes good, doesn't it?
[20:38:58] [@Fox`] switch places you two?
[20:39:12] [@xander_the_blue] with pleasure!
[20:39:57] • Fenrix keeps idly taking pictures.. :D
[20:40:20] • Foxen murrs and gets under the tiger and takes his sticky cock into his mouth mmming gently as he bobs up and down on it
[20:40:38] • xander_the_blue scuffles back behind Tiger, his draconic cock fully ready to service his throbbing tailhole, still slick with Foxen's sweet jizz
[20:40:48] [+HeartOfTheTiger] not again!!
[20:41:02] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Damnit Fenrix, I'll burn your camera!
[20:41:14] [@xander_the_blue] oh, you know you want it
[20:41:29] [@Banzai] you wouldn't be here letting him take pictures if you didn't want it ;)
[20:41:41] [@Fox`] you're so kinky cutey tiger
[20:41:50] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<
[20:41:51] • Foxen stops a ses "Fenrix, dont you have that camera that beams to several co-locations?"
[20:42:22] [+HeartOfTheTiger] OH HELL NO!
[20:42:33] • Foxen licks the tigers balls and than up to his tip where he teases the tip with his tounge
[20:42:38] • xander_the_blue lines himself up, and thrusts his member into his aching lovehole. The Tiger reels back in pleasure, pushing back with every thrust, feeling him as deep as he can
[20:42:50] [@xander_the_blue] tight....that's a good Tiger.....
[20:42:52] [@Fox`] oh!oh! I am sooooo posting this on my website! You can show all your friends!
[20:43:00] [@Fenrix] Hmm... As a matter of fact, I do. :) *sets it up and makes sure to get all the good angles*
[20:43:10] • xander_the_blue continues to thrust into Tiger
[20:43:21] [@xander_the_blue] *pant* *pant* ....fine by me....
[20:44:04] • Fox` rubs his crotch on the tiger
[20:44:20] [@xander_the_blue] *phew* such a sweet ass......I can't last much longer........
[20:44:28] [@Spunkler] you can show your friends that your finally in touch with your furrier side
[20:44:37] [@xander_the_blue] oh God, I'm close!
[20:44:37] [+HeartOfTheTiger] you bastard!
[20:44:38] • Foxen mmms loudly and licks at the base of xander's cock feeling it thrust into the tigers tight hole almost taking the tounge in with him, he licks back down to his cock and sucks hard and deeply
[20:45:41] [@Spunkler] there's no more need to be afraid anymore, now you can be yourself
[20:46:15] [@Fox`] yes, we can see how you cute too
[20:46:15] [+HeartOfTheTiger] GRRR!
[20:46:24] [@Fox`] I just wanna take you home and pleasure you all night
[20:46:27] [@Banzai] tiger, will you sleep with me at AC next year?
[20:46:29] • xander_the_blue quickens his pace, feeling every inch of his insides with his member.
[20:46:36] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmm....yes....growl for me honey....
[20:46:49] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Thank god I go home at AC and don't spend the night at the hotel...
[20:46:58] [@Banzai] haha
[20:47:10] [@Banzai] that's ok, I can find better people to sleep with anyways ;)
[20:48:15] • Foxen thinks idly to Banzai, "like me?"
[20:48:40] [@Banzai] hmm sure, why not XD
[20:49:00] ••• [Prismwind] Has joined [#laff] []
[20:49:05] ••• [AgVulpine] Sets mode [+o Prismwind]
[20:49:08] [@Banzai] just be advised, sleeping does not mean more than that ;)
[20:49:15] [@Fox`] Oh! I've brought a friend!
[20:49:23] [@Prismwind] Hello ^_^
[20:49:25] • xander_the_blue slams himself in quicker and quicker, approaching the defining moment, until...he unloads, filling the Tiger with a stream of his drakie spooge. He keeps thrusting...then slowly, slows down....then slips out and slumps over, grinning from ear to ear
[20:49:39] • Foxen sucks and tastes a bit of the tigers pre, he yumms loudly and sucks hard wanting to taste the tiger's sweet cum
[20:49:43] [@xander_the_blue] *sigh*, I've had my fun....who's next?
[20:49:48] • Foxen yipps as you cum hard into his muzzle as xander cums deep inside you, filling his muzzle like xander filling your tailhole, he drinks it down greedily wanting more he sucks hard on your tip. mmmming loudly.
[20:49:51] • Fox` rubs his crotch on the tiger lightly, "Come, mayeb you want to take me? I would love a nice suckle from you cute tiger"
[20:50:25] [+HeartOfTheTiger] die faggots!
[20:50:32] [@xander_the_blue] you're so cute
[20:50:40] [@Spunkler] thats german for the bundle of sticks
[20:50:42] • Foxen mmms and goes to snuggle with xander
[20:50:57] [@Foxen] he's so cute
[20:51:20] • xander_the_blue snuggles w/ Foxen, waiting for someone else to play w/ Tiger
[20:51:32] [@Spunkler] suddenly i dont hear him laughing
[20:51:53] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Ha. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.
[20:51:54] [@Banzai] that's cuz he's busy pawing off
[20:52:03] [@Fox`] Yes, aww come here you
[20:52:14] [@xander_the_blue] he says he's not enjoying it, but his throbbng erection tells me otherwise
[20:52:18] [@Spunkler] he's out of breath, you guys are overstimulating him
[20:52:38] • Fox` gives him a full view of his big, erect memeber "care for a taste?"
[20:52:47] [+HeartOfTheTiger] die!
[20:53:04] [@Spunkler] I may be straight, but this is still incredibly funny
[20:53:10] [@Spunkler] he speaks german
[20:53:21] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Ich spreche keinen Deutsch!
[20:53:35] • Fox` paws off "oh you are just too cute to bear!"
[20:53:45] [@xander_the_blue] go on Fox, make him speak all in vowels
[20:53:52] • Foxen licks up Fox`s shaft and suckles on the tip. "Like this tiggy." he goes back to snuggling Xander
[20:53:55] [@Banzai] oh he's so talented...I think I'm starting to like him
[20:54:14] [@Spunkler] he's havin too much fun to resist anymore
[20:54:35] [@Banzai] oh he never did resist, just complained ;)
[20:54:54] [@Spunkler] touche
[20:55:02] • Fox` paws off hard, spouting his seed onto the tiger's face and chest
[20:55:04] [@Prismwind] Hehehe...
[20:55:55] • Prismwind grins and transforms into a hermaphrodite, with a 15 inch long, 3 inche thick shaft. Then shi spands Tiger with it
[20:56:01] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmmm, Tiger looks even hotter w/ cum on his face
[20:56:02] [@Prismwind] spanks*
[20:56:11] [@Zephyrr] You are all pervs.
[20:56:33] [@Spunkler] correction: furvs
[20:56:42] [@Zephyrr] Furvs.
[20:57:35] [@Zephyrr] this is too kinky for me, I gotta go eat dinner.
[20:57:41] ••• [Zephyrr] Is Now Known As [Zeph|Dindin]
[20:58:04] • Fox` sports his seed all over the tiger "come lick it up, it's sooo good"
[20:58:30] [+HeartOfTheTiger] i'd sooner lick up pesticide.
[20:58:45] [@Fox`] but it's soo nice and tasty
[20:58:52] [@xander_the_blue] suit yourself...besides, it looks good on you! ;-)
[20:58:54] • Zeph|Dindin feeds Tig pesticide
[20:59:09] • Fox` puts a finger in it and drags it across the tiger's mouth
[20:59:24] • HeartOfTheTiger spits and struggles
[20:59:46] [@Fox`] tasty isn't it? ohhhhh so cute
[20:59:59] • Foxen cant resist and licks some off of Fox`s shaft, "yummmm"
[21:00:08] [@Fox`] mrrrrrrr
[21:00:53] • Foxen sucks on it more milking the last drops.
[21:01:28] • Foxen smiles and kisses tiger and smears the cum across his tounge
[21:01:40] [@xander_the_blue] wow, look, he's speechless, just staring up in awe over the yiffing he's experienced
[21:01:48] [@xander_the_blue] ....but it's not over yet!
[21:01:50] • HeartOfTheTiger pukes
[21:01:56] [@xander_the_blue] wow, kinky
[21:02:16] • Zeph|Dindin uses it as lube, hehe
[21:02:30] [@Foxen] aww, dont worry tiggy you'll get used to the taste
[21:02:37] [+HeartOfTheTiger] O.o that would burn...
[21:02:48] • Zeph|Dindin nonono, runs off for dinner, ARGH, brb
[21:03:55] [@Fox`] Oh! you already know about this kinda thing then! You silly
[21:04:03] [@Fox`] you've been in denial too long...
[21:04:11] • Fox` nuzzles and licks sentualy
[21:04:25] [@xander_the_blue] yes, you're one of us!
[21:04:38] • xander_the_blue snuggles and licks Tiger
[21:04:41] [@Spunkler] all signs point to it
[21:04:45] • Foxen pets the tiger
[21:04:47] [+HeartOfTheTiger] O.o, I just know that stomache acid is mostly hydrocholoric acid...
[21:05:53] [@Spunkler] aw.. isn't that sweet, he's giving us a biology lesson
[21:05:53] • xander_the_blue stares at Tiger's sweet ass
[21:06:23] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmm......who's next? He's just itching to get crammed, just swishing his tail in the air like that....
[21:06:23] • HeartOfTheTiger stabs Xander's eyes out with a letter opener.
[21:06:31] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Tail??
[21:06:59] [@Fox`] oh yes, you have a tial *strokes it gently
[21:06:59] [@xander_the_blue] tail, ass, yearns for another yiffin
[21:07:06] • Foxen hops up behing the tigger and reams him again thrusting quickly
[21:07:09] [@Fox`] you've become one of us, no more hiding
[21:07:29] [@Spunkler] you've come out of one of the closets yer in
[21:07:35] • Foxen humps hard and fast
[21:08:05] • Foxen pulls out and cums all over tiggys back
[21:08:16] • Foxen moof's and falls over
[21:09:00] [@xander_the_blue] ooooo, Foxxy w/ the quick release! how does that hot foxjuice feel on your back, Tiger?
[21:09:09] [@Spunkler] you guys have tired him out, he rarely says anything anymore
[21:09:21] [+HeartOfTheTiger] it makes me wanna kill one of you, thanks Xander.
[21:09:28] [@Foxen] yea i was pawing for a bit before that
[21:10:31] • Prismwind goes to sucking on Tiger's cock, softly stroking up and down his thighs as hir tails wave behind hir, hir tongue slowly swirling around the head as hir lips slide up and down his throbing shaft
[21:10:34] [@xander_the_blue] eh, he's not tired, just in awe that he's never felt this good in his life...ain't that right, sweety Tiger?
[21:10:47] [@Spunkler] i dont see why tiger, your only getting what your goin for
[21:11:25] [@xander_the_blue] damn, look at Prism go...I'm getting hard again....
[21:11:32] [+HeartOfTheTiger] die xandar
[21:11:57] [@Foxen] aww
[21:12:16] [@Foxen] xander i think you're gonna have to show him more lovin
[21:12:23] [+HeartOfTheTiger] NO!
[21:12:35] [@xander_the_blue] hmmmmmmmm.....
[21:12:46] [@xander_the_blue] I want Prism to have a turn
[21:13:12] [@xander_the_blue] I can't compete w/ hir 15 inch monster cock
[21:13:50] ••• [foxy-tyger] Has joined [#laff] []
[21:13:52] ••• [FurServ] Sets mode [+o foxy-tyger]
[21:14:58] [@Spunkler] guess he just can't deny it anymore, he's been holding it in for far to long
[21:14:58] [@xander_the_blue] hi foxy! we're yiffing this lovely Tiger here, want him?
[21:15:07] [@Fox`] Oh! I know who your friends are now! We must show them all this, to show them you've come out of the closet! aren't you so happy now! ^.^
[21:15:22] [@foxy-tyger] hehh
[21:15:23] [@foxy-tyger] ya
[21:15:31] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Die faggot!
[21:15:39] [@Spunkler] you said that already
[21:15:45] [@xander_the_blue] he loves it...he just can't leave, he's aching for more
[21:15:58] • foxy-tyger pops his big fat fucking cock in HeartOfTheTiger's ass
[21:16:03] [@Fox`] I'm so happy, it would hurt so much if he left us... ;_;
[21:16:03] [@foxy-tyger] ^^
[21:16:16] [@Spunkler] he can't bear to leave now he's having too much fun
[21:16:23] [@foxy-tyger] i know
[21:16:25] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmmmm, look at foxy go
[21:16:25] [@foxy-tyger] lmao
[21:16:26] • Foxen puts a restrainer in the tigers mouth and opens it just enough so he cant bite down and he sticks his hard cock in his muzzle and moans loudly
[21:16:38] [@Foxen] oh yes so warm
[21:16:55] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Grr!!!
[21:16:58] [@xander_the_blue] mmm, yes, Tiger mouths are good for suckin
[21:17:14] [@Spunkler] yes very "grr"
[21:17:24] [@Spunkler] "grr" like the tiger you are
[21:17:52] • foxy-tyger pushes his big cock in and out roughly hopeing to cauze lots of pain
[21:18:16] [+HeartOfTheTiger] >.<;;;
[21:18:16] • Foxen moans and begins to thrust into the tigers muzzle with a paw behind his head guiding his full lenght into his muzzle his tip rubbing against the back of his throat
[21:18:52] [@xander_the_blue] mmmm, masaging the back of his throat w/ your big hard cock?
[21:19:27] [@xander_the_blue] look at his face...he's loving it
[21:20:16] [@Fenrix] Yepyep, he is indeed. :)
[21:21:01] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Hellno!
[21:21:08] • Foxen moans loudly and nods at xander and his thick hard foxcock shoots some pre into the tigers muzzle
[21:21:34] • foxy-tyger pulles out of the abused tiger..walks around to the frount..and stickes his sheath into his ear...^.^
[21:22:02] • HeartOfTheTiger chokes
[21:22:07] [@Foxen] talk about fucking with someone's head
[21:22:08] [@Spunkler] it gets kinkier by the minute
[21:22:21] [@foxy-tyger] lmao
[21:22:24] [@Spunkler] that says it all
[21:22:29] [@Fox`] oh my
[21:22:31] [@Prismwind] XD
[21:23:03] [@foxy-tyger] hay mikey....he likes it .....XD!!!!!!!!1
[21:23:10] [@Spunkler] * HeartOfTheTiger "wags his tail"
[21:23:20] [@xander_the_blue] of course he does!
[21:24:19] • Prismwind walks around behind Tiger, stroking his belly as shi lets him feel hir monster cockhead touching his hole, then slowly begins to force the 3 inch wide monster into him, moaning softly as the head slides deep inside of his ass, not stopping as more and more of hir shaft pushes in, beginning to thrust at 11 inches, not pushing the 4 inch wide knot in... yet
[21:24:35] • Foxen thrusts faster and faster, he feels a churning in his balls and is about to cum so he pulls the tip to the fromt of his mouth and fills his mouth with load after load of his hot foxspunk. he moans and thrusts in again forcing some down his throat and pulls out and his last shot goes all across his face mixing with Fox`s cum
[21:25:08] • xander_the_blue marvels at the site
[21:27:08] • Foxen looks at the tiger and things he needs to be cleaned...
[21:27:24] [@Fenrix] A fire hose will take care of that.
[21:27:26] [@xander_the_blue] mmmm, yes, he's a filthy Tiger
[21:27:45] [@Fox`] such a filthy, kinky tiger
[21:27:50] [@foxy-tyger] hold on
[21:27:53] [@foxy-tyger] ime not done
[21:28:15] • Foxen aims his cock at his face and begins to mark his sex toy, pissing all over his face and back. washing away that sticky cum with his musky fox piss
[21:28:44] [@xander_the_blue] wow, he's gurgling happiily!
[21:28:54] • Foxen ahhhs to himself as he urinates all over the sexy tiger and into his muzzle
[21:29:00] [@Prismwind] XD
[21:29:14] • foxy-tyger pulls out of his ear and lifts his tail to the tigers nose...i laugh out loud as i take a shit right on his muzzle
[21:29:47] [@Foxen] ewww
[21:29:52] [@foxy-tyger] lmao
[21:29:58] • HeartOfTheTiger shudders and gets a hose and a bar of soap.
[21:30:42] • foxy-tyger talkes the baar opf sope and shoves it in his ass to help cleen up
[21:31:21] • Prismwind groans softly as shi slowly begins to force hir big, throbbing knot into Tiger, a full 4 1/3 inch wide now and still growing, a tiny bit of blood escaping as hir knot forces his tail hole wide, pushing hir knot into him and forceing the last of hir 15 inch long length into him, then begis to pound into him hard and fast, thrusting so hard his ass is sure to be brused after shi is done
[21:31:29] [@Spunkler] well I leave you lovers alone, I'll probably snuggle some of my plushies and then get to sleep, I've gotta get up at 5:50
[21:31:36] [@Prismwind] I'm already in his ass, foxy. XD
[21:31:37] [@Banzai] cya
[21:31:42] [@foxy-tyger] aaahh
[21:31:44] [@foxy-tyger] hehh
[21:32:36] ••• [Spunkler] Has quit IRC [Quit:]
[21:32:54] • Foxen takes the restrainer out of the tigers mouth
[21:33:01] • HeartOfTheTiger pukes again
[21:33:04] [@Foxen] how did you like that?
[21:33:23] [@foxy-tyger] dont ask..ya already know he likes it
[21:33:41] [+HeartOfTheTiger] die!!!
[21:33:48] [@xander_the_blue] wow, our own personal Tiger whore
[21:34:42] [@xander_the_blue] he just stays here and fulfills our every desire...we're so lucky!
[21:35:11] • Prismwind moans loudly as shi finally cums, hir cock feeling like a firehose inside of Tiger as hir hot, thick cum explodes into him, hir big, throbbing knot a full 5 inches wide and pulsing inside of his hot little ass, gripping his hips tightly as she continues to pound hard and fast into him
[21:35:22] [@Fox`] ah yes, he loves it, that is why he stays
[21:37:06] • HeartOfTheTiger is exhausted
[21:37:12] [@Prismwind] Such a good boy...
[21:37:46] [@xander_the_blue] mmmm....that's've been through a lot, hun....
[21:37:52] • xander_the_blue huggles the Tiger
[21:38:02] [@xander_the_blue] ...but you and I know you want more....
[21:38:27] • Prismwind mrrrs softly to him, petting his sides as shi slowly stops thrusting, after emptying huge amounts of cum into him, hir knot still throbbing and pulsing as it locks them together, leaning over him to lick softly at his neck, before whispering into his ear,"Such a good little tiger whore"
[21:38:29] [+HeartOfTheTiger] oh damnit
[21:39:07] • Foxen murrs... "knotting, i love it"
[21:39:55] • HeartOfTheTiger struggles
[21:40:55] • Prismwind mmms and snaps a pink collar onto Tiger with his name embosed on it, snapping a silver chain to the collar as shi slowly pulls hir big, thick knot out of him, grinning as she holds his leash tightly
[21:41:05] [@Prismwind] So, who wants to play with him next?
[21:41:05] [@Fox`] oh! he's playing along! such a good little tiger
[21:43:14] • HeartOfTheTiger tries to struggle against his chain and collar
[21:44:08] • Prismwind grins wickedly
[21:44:23] [@Prismwind] Oh, such a bad, bad boy! It['s time for you to be... punised!
[21:44:26] [@Foxen] aww what a cute little tiger.
[21:44:38] • Prismwind dargs him over to a 4 post bed
[21:44:38] • HeartOfTheTiger whimpers
[21:44:41] [@Foxen] i came three times on him already
[21:44:47] [@Foxen] i'm quite spent
[21:44:52] [@foxy-tyger] lol
[21:45:00] [@foxy-tyger] is it my turn yet
[21:45:12] • Prismwind ties his arms and legs to the bed's posts, then blindfoldes him
[21:45:18] [@foxy-tyger] na...i'll let Prismwind
[21:45:23] [@Prismwind] Go ahead foxy... he's everyone's toy now.
[21:45:38] [@foxy-tyger] hehhh....
[21:45:41] • Prismwind grins... then gets out a feather... and begins to tickle Tiger's balls
[21:45:50] • Foxen roots foxy-tyger on
[21:45:53] • HeartOfTheTiger twitches
[21:46:06] [@foxy-tyger] na... i cant A^^
[21:46:20] [@foxy-tyger] somebodyelse get the tigger this time
[21:48:30] [@foxy-tyger] i'm a little busy with my pet ^^
[21:48:58] [@Prismwind] Mmmm... someone get his cock and ass for me. I'm gonna force him to give me a rim job.
[21:49:53] ••• [Malroth] Has joined [#laff] []
[21:49:56] ••• [FurServ] Sets mode [+o Malroth]
[21:50:00] [@Fox`] hello
[21:51:57] • Malroth waves.
[21:52:22] [@xander_the_blue] Marloth, want a turn at yiffing the Tiggy?
[21:52:58] • Foxen gets under the tiger and lines his cock up with his ass and pushes back on it letting it enter his tight hole and moans loudly
[21:53:11] [@Malroth] Which tiggy?
[21:53:40] [@xander_the_blue] HeartOfTheTiger
[21:54:03] • Foxen rocks back and forth under the tiger groaning and yipping
[21:54:17] [@Foxen] omg tiggy you have such a nice hard cock
[21:56:01] [+HeartOfTheTiger] die faggot
[21:56:06] • Prismwind grins and straddles Tiger's chest, sitting down so hir tail hole is pushed into his lips
[21:56:29] [@Prismwind] Such a dirty mouth, might as well wipe my ass with your tongue playtoy!
[21:56:37] [+HeartOfTheTiger] hellno!
[21:56:42] • Foxen bounces on the tigers cock and moans
[21:56:45] [@xander_the_blue] mmmm, that's right, lick hir ass nicely, Tigerboi
[21:56:46] • Malroth chuckles and hmmm's. "Looks busy as it is!"
[21:57:01] [@Foxen] his tailhole is free
[21:58:08] • Prismwind reaches down to hold his muzzle shut, then sets her weight on it until his muzzle is actually inside her tail hole
[21:58:27] [+HeartOfTheTiger] damnit!
[21:59:21] • Foxen moans and squeezes tight as the tiger shoots his load into his foxy tailhole, he cums from the rubbing on his prostate all over Prismwind and Tiger.
[21:59:32] [@Foxen] oh yes murrrr
[21:59:58] • Foxen gets off the tiger and curls up with somefur, completely exausted
[22:00:44] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmm...I'm exhausted \too
[22:00:56] • Malroth chuckles.
[22:01:06] [@Malroth] The tiggy likes it!
[22:01:13] [+HeartOfTheTiger] hellno!
[22:01:19] • Foxen snugs up with xander
[22:01:32] • Prismwind mmms as Tiger speaks, his opening muzzle being greeted by the slightly bitter tast of hir tali hole, as shi begins fingering hirself and jacking off while beginning to ride his muzzle
[22:02:16] [+HeartOfTheTiger] Damnit, get off me! It smells like hell in here!
[22:03:23] • HeartOfTheTiger struggles and strains against his chains
[22:03:31] • Foxen has to pee again and has an idea, he gets under the tiger and shoves his still hard dick into his ass and begins to pee again, filling his ass with piss
[22:05:20] • Foxen moans gently giving the tiger a piss enema, he moans and thrusts a few times into the hot liquid filling his ass and he pulls out his ass emptying of most of the urine. he murrs again and yet again curls up with xander
[22:06:12] [@xander_the_blue] hehe...all relieved now?
[22:06:38] [@Foxen] yep *nuzzle*
[22:09:15] • HeartOfTheTiger thrusts his hips, wishing he could cum
[22:10:20] [@Prismwind] Oh ho! So you DO enjoy it!
[22:10:28] [@Foxen] yay!
[22:10:42] • Malroth chuckles
[22:10:52] [@Malroth] Someone likes being gang-banged!
[22:10:54] [@Malroth] ^_^
[22:10:56] • Prismwind pulls off his muzzle and grins triumphantly
[22:11:32] [@Prismwind] Now, beg nice and loud for the whole room to hear for us to allow you to cum, and I might grant your wish my dear!
[22:12:17] [+HeartOfTheTiger] LET ME CUM! I NEED IT! PLEASE!
[22:14:14] • HeartOfTheTiger whimpers and thrusts at air
[22:14:47] ••• [Makojin] Has joined [#laff] []
[22:14:54] ••• [AgVulpine] Sets mode [+o Makojin]
[22:15:39] • Foxen murrs and watches the tiger break, snuggling xander
[22:16:03] [@xander_the_blue] mmmmm, that's such a good ger
[22:16:13] [@xander_the_blue] tigger that is
[22:18:46] ••• [Shale] Parted [#laff]
[22:19:25] • HeartOfTheTiger starts panting
[22:21:03] [@Prismwind] Mmmm... good boy. Now... do you prefer my ass, or my cunny, hmmm?
[22:22:36] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ass
[22:23:39] [@Banzai] yep, definitely gay ;)
[22:24:32] [@Foxen] or italian
[22:24:45] ••• [Zeph|Dindin] Has quit IRC [Quit:]
[22:25:41] [@Prismwind] lol
[22:26:28] • Prismwind grins and mrrrs, slipping down his form to presses her tight little tail hole to his cock tip, mmming softly and looking down into his eyes as she slowly presses back, letting him slowly slide into her
[22:26:30] [@Prismwind] hir*
[22:26:42] [@Prismwind] I change gender too much, lol
[22:28:42] • HeartOfTheTiger pants and humps, already close before
[22:28:53] [+HeartOfTheTiger] *from before
[22:29:18] • Foxen licks at HeartOfTheTiger's balls and plays with them
[22:29:46] ••• [Ice-Away] Has joined [#laff] []
[22:29:57] ••• [AgVulpine] Sets mode [+o Ice-Away]
[22:30:21] ••• [Ice-Away] Is Now Known As [Ice]
[22:30:35] • Prismwind slowly slides hir body down, impaling hirself all the way on Tiger's big, thick dick, squeezing him tightly as shi begins slowly riding him
[22:32:21] • HeartOfTheTiger gasps and closes his eyes, about ready to go
[22:32:29] [@Banzai] haha its illegal to server legal papers to someone on a Sunday in Michigan
[22:32:34] [@Banzai] *serve
[22:33:19] ••• [foxy-tyger] Has quit IRC [Ping timeout]
[22:33:39] • Prismwind moans softly, then begins riding him hard and fast, her ass pounding down on him as his shaft slides again and against into hir hot depths, squeezing him tightly with hir anal ring
[22:34:49] • HeartOfTheTiger can't take any more, and tenses, shooting up thick strands of tiger cum, then collapses back down on the bed, satasfied.
[22:35:24] • Prismwind mrrrs loudly, riding him till the last of his cum is within hir tight ass, then sitting with him in hir
[22:35:27] [@Prismwind] Good boy. ^_^
[22:35:47] • HeartOfTheTiger smiles and wags his tail
[22:40:53] [@Foxen] I guess all he needed was a little lovin'
[22:41:12] • HeartOfTheTiger purrs
[22:41:32] [@CyberLeo] =o.o=
[22:42:02] [@Prismwind] Yep.
[22:42:26] [@Prismwind] So... who wants to leave him tied up and play with him? ^_^
[22:42:46] [@Ice] o.o
[22:43:59] [@Banzai] ah, so tiger's been on furrymuck too
[22:44:11] [@Prismwind] Aw well... he was a good boy and -finally- admitted what he likes, so I'll untie him
[22:44:21] • Prismwind pulls off and unties Tiger
[22:44:32] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ... how do you know i've been on furrymuck?
[22:44:38] [@Banzai] so are you the cyril from furrymuck, the cyril from the Electronics Boutique, or some sort of different, third Cyril?
[22:44:44] [+HeartOfTheTiger] ah
[22:44:49] [@Banzai] other channel ;)
[22:45:19] • HeartOfTheTiger stands up, glad to once again be free
[22:45:57] ••• [kittengirl] Has joined [#laff] []
[22:45:57] ••• [FurBot] Sets mode [+o kittengirl]
[22:46:07] • CyberLeo sniffies 'round..
[22:46:34] [@Banzai] so tiger, you were already a furry anyways, weren't you
[22:47:24] [+HeartOfTheTiger] mostly i just laughed at people on furrymuck, too
[22:48:39] [@Banzai] ah, well...what got you looking into furries, where you interested or what
[22:48:47] [@Prismwind] He just wanted to be gangbanged. =P
[22:50:54] [+HeartOfTheTiger] dunno just stumbled on it and thought it was cool, then thought it would be cool to piss them off, so I got drunk at AnthroCon and pissed people off until I got kicked out, then crashed a furmeet at the Renesaince Faire and got drunk and pissed people off by pretending to be blind and cracking fursuiters with my cane, next I'm planning to crash a furmeet on the 7th at the mall and have some fun with roadkill Tom Green st
[22:51:35] [@Ice] ....
[22:51:57] [@Foxen] haha
[22:52:10] [@Banzai] well you know things would go alot better for you if you didn't try to piss everyone off...I think you'd have alot of fun actually just taking everything in
[22:52:45] [@Ice] yea, enjoy the events, furs are cool people, pissing them off is the easiest way to get alienated.
[22:52:58] • Makojin nods
[22:53:21] • Foxen nods too

Holier than thou...
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