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okay i got in the mood to do more

Aesop was my first mate. He's also the one who made me a griffox. I'm still fuzzy on why I said yes when he asked me one day. But I think it was because I was so overwhelmed with joy that someone thought me good enough to be their mate, I accepted. Aesop was very very sweet and would give me anything. The problem was I was young, and I really didnt know what I was getting into. I still feel bad about leaving him. I handled it the wrong way. I broke off our relationship to be with someone closer and female, making me "normal". But I was dumb enough to do it twice. Right after I broke up with the mate I had after him I went back to him and realized the love wasnt there so I broke up with him again. I think Aesop is a wonderful guy and I think he'll be happy with his new mate.

Ozone I met through Aesop. And at first I was nervous around him. I couldnt tell you why, I just was. He's also the one who taught me how to yiff online sensually, instead of it just being a yiff. He also made me a bot admin in his channel, #Foxie. I was doing it for a long time. And me and Ozzy became closer and closer. I have alot of respect and trust for Ozone. So far he has never steered me wrong, even when I didnt agree with what he thought I should do in a situation, I would do it anyway and things would turn out great most of the time.

At first, Cajun was just another fox to me. I really never got to know him well until recently. He is a wonderful person with a real heart of gold. He cares alot about his friends and I'm really glad to be able to call him one of my friends. He's more of a neutral party at times and gives good insight on things that i'm usually too proud to accept. But he's always there if I need him, even if I am acting like a drama queen.

N is an interesting individual, he's brash, rude, and lovable. He drew me and my mate a picture for my mate's birthday that was just so awesome and he also drew a picture of my character which is my official background for my computer. All in all N is a sweetheart. He's also a great artist even though he says he's not. I think everyone loves N because he's just so goddamn cute.
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