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FWA Rehab. Day 2

My throat seems to be getting worse. I was hacking up blood tinted flem this morning. Other than that all the previous symptoms have dissipated. Lung function has risen to 57%.

If you guys never had a 'Brain Hemorrhage' you should. Made extra special by Fredryk Phox, even someone who hates the taste of hard liquor, like myself, will throughly enjoy it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

I also extend an invitation to all the foxes out there. Are you tired of it? Being belittled for being a fox? Join us. We are the Fox Supremacists. Our species has been the backbone of this society and all we get in thanks is demeaning stereotypes. Under the leadership of myself, and my two close associates, we will take the fandom by storm. We will get the respect that we deserve. If we combine our strengths, they will bow before us.

Holier than thou...
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