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FWA Rehab. Day 1

I woke up this morning. I guess that's a start. It was beyond some expectations. I have a killer headache. My whole body aches as well. My vision is blurry. When I speak it kinda reverberates in my head. I have a slight sore throat, kinda like a swollen pain. My eyes are dry, making it hard to move them. My reaction speed is slow. I'm coughing alot, and my lung capacity is probably about 20% or less of normal.

And you know what this tells me?

I had a REALLY good time.

Just a few notes. Unfiltered Lucky Strikes are excellent; even though you WILL regret it the next day. UV Blue Vodka makes the best stuff to put in an empty listerine bottle. Sometimes the best solutions are right in your bathroom. A little PVC pipe can make the day go by a little bit better. Sometimes you must deceive to succeed.

Critical Fail, the band that played there, was fucking amazing.

If I think of anything else i'll mention it next time like i already told you.

Holier than thou...
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