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Maybe get the ball rolling again

I'm posting this to maybe get into doing livejournals again, Ask me 3 questions, yadda yadda, anything everything, yadda yadda, stolen from chancepuppeh who stole it from Cajun, who stole it from FreakyLynx, who stole it from a top secret government agency who is now out to get him.

anyway. proceed with the questions, if you have a 3 question thing, than tell me and i'll do it too.

if you wanna ask more than three, be my guest. i never liked rules anyway.
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1) What is your favorite memory?

2) If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

3) Why?
i have to say my favorite memory was my first kiss. It was on this long terrace on top of a mountian. The sky was an orangy purple and the mountins were misty and green with hints of orange and red. (the fall was comming). It was one of the most beautiful things ever.

a time machine that i could only use three times.

because if i could go back and change whatever i wanted whenever i wanted, life wouldnt be so exciting and would become boring. so i would have to pick 3 very important things to change.
1) If you could resurrect one person on earth, who?

2) What made you start to post in your LJ again?

3) Do these pants make me look fat?
My sex life... oh you said person.. hmm... i'd revive ten from your flash... oh a real person... how about... Frank Sinatra! *swoons*

I dunno, just thought maybe doing a lj and people actually responding would make Foxen get his groove back.

Yes. now take them off. o.o
Didn't know you had a livejournal 'till recently. Gonna start watching it, though.

First question: Got anything troubling you right now?

Second question: What's your favorite drink?

Third: How's Raike doing lately? (Haven't talked to him in a while).
1. Name
2. Rank
3. Serial number
1. So how come I don't see you around more often?

2. Which furcons will you be attending this year?

3. What have you been up to?

Bonus Questions:
When are you going to be updating your evaluations?

Any LJs you read regularly?
1. I finished the badges (all four!) Would you like the see the last two?

2. May I have your address?

3. Can you send it to poof(at)void-star(dot)net?

(I thought this would be an appropriate post for these questions. XD)

Frank T. Serpico
32 Georgetown Lane
Brooklyn, NY 11234

I'll just post it here.
sweet, i'll mail them out in the morning. :D
This might be some tough ones.

1. Why are you so nice to people you know can't do a thing for you?

2. Are you ever going to visit me?

3. What is the most handy tool and why?