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did some stuff

I went out with my mother today to do something I very rarely do. Go to see a movie. I saw The Passion of the Christ. it was a very good movie, in my opinion. We hung out for the whole day and went shopping. It was really fun.

And to everyone who replied to my last post, except ozone, i really appreciate the kind words you all had for me. I know eventually things will pan out, so to all of yas I give my deepest gratitude.

And to ozone. I'm not the bad guy you think I am. I did what I believed was the right thing to do. I acted righteously and without any malice towards you or anyone. I still love you as my brother Ozone. You have been my friend for too long for me to just brush you off. If you cannot accept that, fine. But I just want you to know that deep down, I long for your friendship again.

His Holiness...
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