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Blunt update at first, maybe more details if i feel like it.

As some of you know... Furtive came to see me for new years, a week or so later we broke up. most of jan and beginning of feb was completely uneventful due to a dark deep depression. work. school. etc. so anyway last night the dam broke and #Foxie closed it's doors due to certain stupid events. and guess what, chaos ensued. everything is okay now. i lost something special that i dont feel like talking about. i seem to fuck up everything that's going good for me. it's like friggen clockwork. I'm a lonely griffox. I need someone to love. I need someone to hold... and spoil rotten. I love giving. i think if you counted up all the stuff i gave away in the name of love it'll come to about $5000. includes stuff like a laptop and a pda and expensive bondage equipment. i genuinely love to give to others. i wonder if that scares people away. oh well. i need a boyfriend.

until next time, this is foxen, the holiest griffox, signing off.
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